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The spoils of summer and fall, a.k.a what I’ve been up to lately… Wedding cake (my first!) and wedding desserts for two special couples. Early morning food styling off camera for this book, and a live shot  for a good … Continue reading

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Cake Party

What’s a party without cake?  Last weekend at my friend Laura’s shop was a sprinkle, edible glitter and giggle filled day of cake decorating to celebrate a young lady’s 11th birthday. We started out these with stacked and crumb coated … Continue reading

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Not So Exact Science

When people hear I’m a baker they always assume two things- that I am very precise and good at math.  Neither of these things are true.  While I always try to be a stickler for recipe instructions, mise out everything … Continue reading

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Real, Real Housewives

This weekend I worked on a shoot for The Real Women of Philadelphia campaign- think cream cheese, not housewives.  After watching them cooking with the product all weekend I couldn’t help but use it to frost these Coconut and Key … Continue reading

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Good Morning, America

On Independence Day, many of my fellow American’s celebrate their freedom from monarchy and diet by eating whatever they want- things like burgers, mayo-laden slaws and campfire friendly desserts.  I’ll be toasting the good ole U S of A with … Continue reading

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All About Cake

Some people think the best part of birthday parties are the presents. For me it’s really all about the cake. Today we had a blended birthday party for my nephew and my cousin so of course I volunteered for cake … Continue reading

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It’s All In The Delivery

Currently, this little beauty is being delivered to a local cafe as part of a sample box of some of my current favorite treats.  Keeping my chai tea madeline company are s’mores macaron pops, lavender lemon curd macarons and a … Continue reading

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The Next Big Thing…

“___________” is the new cupcake- that my friends is the million dollar question.  I believe all that stands between me and the lavish life I should be living is one good idea. Years ago my husband had an idea for … Continue reading

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Never Gonna Give You Up

Exactly two months and one day since my last post.  That’s how long it has taken to untangle the mess some gremlins made of this site.  I feel like I’ve been Rick rolled,  internet style but rather than let you … Continue reading

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Work and Play

Sometimes when you start to do the thing you love for a living, it can take the shine off of it.  I was worried this would happen to me.  These Orange Cardamom Cupcakes put those fears to rest.   They … Continue reading

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