Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Sweating

I don’t mean to brag but, I am hot. In Los Angeles today it is unbelievably, unseasonably 85 degrees and sunny. Not a cloud in the sky. I’m so sorry. I know many of you are bundled up, hunkering down, digging your cars out the driveway and here I am, blazing sunshine on your rainy, snowy parade. It’s not my fault, blame global warming.
At any rate, while most of my fellow TWDers are enjoying these fabulous Savory Corn and Pepper Muffins with a bowl of chili, I just couldn’t fathom eating a steaming bowl of anything on a day like today. Did I mention how hot it is here (don’t hate)? They are delicious on their own in their sweet and spicy way and maybe next time I make them will be chili weather (chili/chilly?). For now I think some Chilled Carrot Soup and a muffin might really hit the spot.

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11 Responses to Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Sweating

  1. Leslie says:

    They look delicious! I think they sound great withor without chili!

  2. TeaLady says:

    Chilled Carrot soup…hummmmm!! Muffins look tasty.

  3. pinkstripes says:

    This weather is crazy! I’m enjoying it while it lasts…I’m in the greater LA area too.

    Your muffins look great.

  4. ooof. January and hot weather? Snow in the Winter….That’s one of the reasons I love New England….

    Your muffins look great!

  5. Love the confetti look these muffins have. Until this week, Nashville was in the 60s and 70s. Blizzard-free. I keep thinking it’s spring, because I’m easily confused.

  6. Mary says:

    I am bitter and jealous and freezing cold in Connecticut. I think carrot soup was probably a good choice…..enjoy!

  7. Linda says:

    As a fellow Angelino, I totally agree w. you — it’s been hot, but I’ve been enjoying every minute of it! :) That chilled carrot soup sounds perfect for weather like this.

    Delicious looking muffins!!!

  8. I hear you! It’s been crazy hot and my allergies are all a-crazy. Your muffins look great!!!

  9. Pamela says:

    Wow…85, huh? We are having some snow right now and expecting a high of about 15 today! Oh, well! Enjoy it while you can! The muffins turned out great.

  10. LyB says:

    Well, it’s quite cold here compared to where you are but the muffins go well with any kind of weather, I think. :)

  11. yea, it’s weather like this that makes me really hate living in new york ;) the chilled soup sounds delicious!

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