Sweet Endings- Cheesecake Tartlettes

While I’m a big fan of holidays in general, New Years Eve has never endeared itself to me. Instead of running around town in uncomfortable shoes, setting all my hopes for the new year on one night of revelry, I prefer to ring in 2009 from my living room with a glass of champagne and this year, a slice of cheesecake. With an eye on my upcoming resolutions (eat healthy, lose weight, ugh so boring) I opted out of a the tall portion of Dorie’s Tall and Creamy Cheescake and made tarlettes instead. This one is Meyer Lemon.

Here’s Blueberry.
And with the leftover batter, I threw in a Raspberry Ramekin version.

So after you’re done raising your glass, how about raising a spoon, and wishing everyone a sweet and happy new year.

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2 Responses to Sweet Endings- Cheesecake Tartlettes

  1. AmyRuth says:

    Great job! Sounds really yummy

  2. Great variations on the Dorie recipe. I love your photos!

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